The Republic of Liberta Edit

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The Republic of Liberta is a tiny island nation off the coast of Canotopia. Liberta has a small economy largely based off tourism and fishing. The climate is moderately temperate. Liberta has a small Navy force which controls the warm waters around the island. Their scientific research is stunted, with the volcanic rock the country is made out of attracts geological and volcanology research programmes alike. Liberta's main and capital city is Port Masque, on the northern beaches of the island.

The Flag Edit

The "Union Red-Blue Jack" was created in 1980, when Liberta changed their National Status, as a sign of unity among all. The white squares represent the people, and how they are half the nation, and the blue ones represent the ocean and it surrounds the isle. The Red cross represents unity among all, and the star represents the new democratic government.

History Edit

Liberta was previously part of The Kingdom of Canotopia, but in 1967, won a two-year long civil war and declared independence, and they announced themselves the Kingdom of Caupoli. In 1980, Liberta declared declared itself the democratic republic it is nowadays.

External Relations Edit