The Kingdom of Canotopia Edit

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The Kingdom of Canotopia is a kingdom ruled by King George Pvaelñes. The country consists of mostly grasslands and mountains, with a moderate temperate climate. This large country dates back as far as the medieval times, and has been ruled by the same family since. Most of the economy is primarily wine production and fruit harvesting. Jsaine, the capital city of Canotopia is located on the far southern coast. They have a strong military lead by Duke Psana Deallze II, and a large scientific community.

The Flag Edit

The "Red Baron Union" Flag has been the official flag of Canotopia since October 20, 1986. The white strip on the left represents the government, order, and military. The central blue strip represents the sky and the sea, and the green strip represents agriculture, grasslands and the numerous forests of Canotopia.

External Relationships Edit